London Bound: Fashion

Andrew and I leave for London TOMORROW, and Andrew’s brother and lovely sister in law who happens to be Catherine of The Life Styledleft today and get to enjoy an extra day of the beautiful London weather (typically an oxymoron) that awaits us! I’m ridiculously excited about this trip… what I’m not so excited about is the packing. Catherine got a jumpstart on her packing blog posts because she was leaving a day early. I like to boast that I’m completely finished packing as of last night but I’m positive that I’ll be doing an overload tonight that will involve completely unpacking and repacking totally different items. Here are the items I will make sure I bring with me, even if I end up with nothing else!

V-neck tees:
Aviator sunglasses:

A rain coat:

Joe’s Jeans:

Comfy shoes:



  1. >My suitcase is HUGE and overflowing… always room for things acquired though, it will just be bursting at the seams on the way back! See you around noon tomorrow!!!

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