Gold Rush

Gold has always been my absolute favorite. It sounds crazy, but I would never wear silver jewelry or buy a purse or clutch with silver hardware. Gold can always add depth to an outfit no matter what you’re wearing. Plus, you really can’t go wrong with gold sequins! Here is a board of my absolute favorite gold elements. I’m totally obsessed with the gold cuff and sequin table runner!



  1. I love wearing gold however I feel it is a very summer trend. I enjoy my silver and black or brown with pops of red or pumpkin orange in the fall and winter.

    • Gold always looks gorgeous paired with white in the summer! In the fall I typically pair gold with camel, browns, deep purple, and dark blues… I love how it pulls out the richness of darker colors!

  2. Loving the mood board! A close friend of mine is just like you – would never wear anything silver & is absolutely in love with all things gold! Loving it!

    PS. agree, one would never go wrong with gold sequins!

  3. Where’s the pic of the your new gold sequined dress I saw hanging in your closet?

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