Hats Off

I’m just going to jump right into this one. I buy hats pretty often and I never wear them. Like a floppy black hat with a super cute brown leather bow, or an even cuter “clotche” with a leopard band, OR a straw fedora with a black ribbon around it. I’m officially addicted to hats but I have trouble remembering them when choosing outfits. Obviously I need to start adding them to my wardrobe for real, and these photos are really inspiring me to do it.




  1. What kind of hat would you call the first one? I am such a fan of hats as well, I just never really wear them because I hate hat hair, and the suffocating feeling it leaves my scalp!

    • It’s actually a modification of a cowboy hat, it’s just tilted more towards the back of her head as opposed to sitting upright. Wearing hats that way can help with that suffocating feeling too! :)

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