Wedding 2.0

When I first got engaged I put together this inspiration board of what I thought my ideal wedding would look like. It’s been about two months since I wrote that post and I can’t believe how much has already changed. I love the look of that board, but after visiting a venue yesterday that was absolutely gorgeous I can’t help but find myself drifting away from that initial idea. So here is wedding 2.0, as I like to call it. A bigger and better version of the original idea based off of an actual place we are 99% sure we will be married in.


I know this new plan will grow from here and I already have some big ideas, but here are a few things you will certaintly be seeing on my wedding day… An arbor atop a hill draped in white linens; long reception tables in a barn to encourage conversation; lighting in the form of lanterns and twinkle lights; and wish lanterns… lots and lots of wish lanterns.



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