Halloween: Revisited

Each year I wait until the very last minute to search for a Halloween costume and end up being a nerd or a zombie… aka something really easy that doesn’t require me to step into a Halloween store. This year a great friend of mine is having his birthday party on the weekend before Halloween, so of course it’s a costume party and of course I need to step it up. As Halloween is (very) quickly approaching I’m faced with an issue: what costume would be appropriate for a more upscale location, a birthday party, and the typical NYC Halloween crowd? I refuse to succumb to the “slutty” costume trend and I want to remain true to myself at least a little bit. Then it hit me… remember this post? I wrote it around this time last year and it baffles my mind that it didn’t hit me sooner. Wednesday Addams is the PERFECT Halloween costume for me. Here’s what I’ll need to make this costume come to life:



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