{DIY} Jewelry Organization

A lot of people have been asking me about this necklace organization I made. After making something similar for my sunglasses, I decided I needed a better way to display my necklaces for easy access in the morning when I’m getting ready. Here’s a few quick and easy steps to make this for yourself.

What you’ll need:
1. A wooden (must be wooden, won’t work otherwise) frame
2. A screwdriver
3. A tape measure if you don’t feel comfortable “eyeing” it
4. Five hooks in gold or silver depending on your preference
5. Two brackets and screws to enable you to hang the frame on the wall

Step One:
Take the glass and backing out of the frame, you will just be using the outside portion. Determine where the two brackets will go. I put mine about one inch from the end on each side.

Step Two:
Put the bracket onto the frame and screw in to secure. Do this on both sides.

Step Three:
Once you have the brackets secured, mark with a marker where you want each of the hooks to go.

Step Four:
Push {really} hard and screw the hooks into the wooden frame. Make sure they are facing to the front of the frame when you can’t turn anymore.

Step Five:
Once you have all the hooks in, I will leave this up to you. I just hammered two nails into the wall and hung the frame up. There are multiple ways you can go about securing it… including leaving out the bracket portion all together and just using double sided tape!

Step Six:
You’re done! Now you get to the good part. Go ahead and style!


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