Hurricane Prep

As you all already know I’ve been in the dark for the last week. After these nine days I’ve decided I’m going to turn into a mixture of Katniss from The Hunger Games and Scott from Doomsday Preppers to prepare for the future. If “glamping” exists there is totally a way to make doomsday prepping chic. First step is power outage preparedness. Before the storm I stocked up on candles and votives for all of the tea lights. I decided on mercury glass so that I could make sure to have a little ambiance in the apartment despite the frigid cold. I figure that I wanted to make it look like we intended to have all of the lights off! One of the other most important items was my Target knit throw (what a good buy a week before the storm) but I’m loving this Jonathan Adler chevron blanket. Pajamas are also really important to me. If I’m going to shower and get back into pajamas from pajamas I better have a few options. Jersey PJ pants are always my favorite, and I always like the option of a hoodie, that’s for sure. I’m so lucky to be in a position where my house is still standing and I can think about things like cute candles, pajamas, and throws, but there are a lot of people who have nothing left. Click here to donate to the Red Cross to help victims of Hurricane Sandy get back on their feet.





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