Wedding Update

Okay guys, we may have found the venue. I promised this wouldn’t turn into a wedding blog, but I also promised that you would all know when big things happened. Since we were engaged in July I’ve been looking for the perfect venue. I can see my wedding in my head, but nothing had been ticking all of the boxes for a venue. Without the right bones, nothing I do could make it work. I left Andrew at home yesterday and my Mom and I departed on what would be an entire day of wedding venue visits. As soon as we pulled up to The Roundhouse at Beacon Falls I knew it was going to be great. Exposed brick, floor to ceiling windows, ivory curtains with hints of gold glitter thread, gold furniture in the bridal suite, barn doors, a perfectly designed lounge for an after party, and just pure awesomness. Made my Mom and I both teary eyed.

It’s the perfect blend of industrial and rustic. Down to the littlest details they incorporate modern/industrial light fixtures and architecture with nature and the beauty of the falls. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention there is a waterfall involved? Are you sold, too? I can’t wait to bring Andrew so he can see it in person!

Images via Sarah Tew Photography



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