Honestly, I’m horrible at making decisions. Someone asking me what I’m in the mood to do or where I want to go to eat is like asking a brick wall. The same goes for my hair. I love bangs then hate them, I love my natural color and then I’m bored, I only like my hair curly then I only like my hair straight so it’s really hard for me to make a decision in the salon. Since I’m getting married in a year and a half I know I won’t be cutting it short, but I’m bored! Dying my hair seems like the solution but I don’t know if just going darker for winter will quench my thirst for change. What do you all think about going ombre?




  1. I have always been confused by the ombrĂ©. If I wanted my hair to be three different shades, with my roots, I definitely won’t pay for it. What used to e considered trashy is now classy? So confusing.

    • It can very easily go wrong and look like roots, you’re right. If it’s done correctly though it looks very purposeful… depends on the person and the stylist!

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