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I stumbled across this image on pinterest yesterday and fell in love with this look. As a proponent of mixing feminine and masculine pieces in each and every outfit, I thought this was the perfect combination.


For me, a full blown girly lace dress wouldn’t work. Plus, its frigid in NYC. So this is how I would wear her look. Leather and lace is always an amazing combination and you can’t go wrong with a pom pom beanie in my book. As for the beauty portion, her look just to happens to be my winter go to. You can’t live without Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizer. It’s the easiest way to keep your skin from getting dry from the winter weather while still providing coverage. Lip stains are perfect for winter because glosses can’t hold up to the wind situation always happening here and I’ve learned that winter it the time to embrace messy hair. Bumble & Bumble surf hair allows for perfect wind blown hair that looks purposeful.

Get The Look




  1. I came across your blog on glitter guide and i think its great! Good luck on with your wedding planning,

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