In 7th grade when my parents told me I was going to Catholic school I was pretty pissed. First of all, who wants to wear the same thing every. single. day. Not me! Second of all, knee highs… gross. Anyway, I got over it and 6 years later when I graduated high school I was finally free. My transition into the “civilian world” was a hard one, but I seemed to hit my stride and loved putting together outfits. Recently though, I’ve been noticing a pattern. As work and wedding planning gets more and more crazy, my daily outfits become more and more like a uniform. If I could wear boyfriend jeans, sneakers (cute ones, I promise), and various plaid button downs or tees at all times I totally would. So ladies, I think it’s time for me to embrace this uniform, invest in a few more pairs of really great jeans and tees, and rock it with pops of texture and color in my accessories and beauty choices. Here’s what I’m hoping my jeans and t-shirt wardrobe will look like.






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