Wedding Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! It’s time for my (not so) weekly wedding update. I’ve been making a lot of progress lately, since my brother is feeling better. Just to give you an idea of where we are so far we are getting married June 28, 2014 so we are about 14 months out at this point. We chose our venue and they provide pretty much only a structure for dancing, tables, and chairs. I will need to rent or buy everything else we will need. Our ceremony will be in a pine grove, and reception set up outside of the barn, then the dancing/dessert bar will be inside the barn. I couldn’t be excited about it! You can see more about the location in this post. I have our florist, photographer, DJ, and a dress (EEEE!). I’m speaking to an officiant this week, and I feel like I’m making strides! There’s still a ton to do, especially rental wise, in the next year and a couple of months. Here are some things I’ve been pinning lately to let you know where my head is at. Are any of you planning a wedding or recently engaged? I’d be happy to help with getting organized, my binder and budget organizer are pretty serious!



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