My Wedding Update

I’ve been very overdue in giving you guys a wedding update, haven’t I? We are coming up on a year out from the wedding day and I can’t believe how time has flown! My Mom and I have been frequenting antique stores and Home Goods to make sure we pick up anything and everything that fits with the theme of this wedding (yesterday it was whitewashed boxes with chalkboard fronts). It’s going to be amazing to see everything come together on the actual day! So far, we’ve gotten a lot of big things accomplished but I was totally stuck on the invitations until I made an appointment for Friday at The Wedding Library. I met with Lauren in stationery and she was amazing. I spent two hours looking through books and books of invite options (it was an hour over my appointment time, eek) and found one that I really love. We ran through all of the options to customize and I left with tons of photos to show my fiancĂ©. I’m so excited to place my order and work with Lauren and Smock Paper to make my invitations perfect. I’m not going to tell you which invite I’m going to be customizing, you’ll just have to wait… but here are some gorgeous invites that gave me inspiration.



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