Rules, Smooles

I’ve told you guys before about not being a fan of people telling me what to do (ie: because of my hatred of the school uniform I now wear innapropriate footwear all. the. time). Well, my Catholic school traumas are coming back to haunt me in my adult life. Our entire company got an e-mail yesterday that said no more, and I quote, “ripped or faded jeans”. Cue dramatic gasp. Listen, I totally get it… I wouldn’t want my employees looking like a sloppy mess all the time either. BUT, it always makes me angry when a few people who don’t know how to properly curate an outfit (this is all going back to girls rolling up their plaid skirts) can ruin it for others. Now I have to rethink my entire work waredrobe, and yes I’m being serious. It’s extremely important for me to feel like myself at work and for some reason that is accomplished by wearing ripped/faded/boyfriend jeans, often. So what am I going to do, you ask? It’s simple: buy every pair of silk(ish) pants that I can find, wear them through October and hope that by then they regret their decision and I can wear jeans again for winter.


PS: Once again, I’ve been neglecting this blog. I just looked at my goals for 2013 and one of them was blog 5 days a week.



  1. I feel your pain! We just had a company-wide uproar over new dress code policies, too. I had recently started and purchased several new appropriate pieces, and was crazy frustrated that I basically got set back to square one. Good luck – hopefully you guys have success going back to business (casual?) as usual!

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