Andrew and I are officially nomads. We haven’t stayed in any of our apartments together for more than a year. I’m hoping the place we move into next week will break the cycle. It’s not perfect, but it’s in a great neighborhood and I’m making a pact with myself to stay for at least two years (then maybe we will strike it rich and buy a house). This apartment is more of a railroad style, so there is an “extra” room in the middle that we are struggling with. A traditional dining table just doesn’t seem right, and I really want to brighten the space up! The big one though, is that there is a humongous built in bookcase in the front room… like, it’s the size of the entire wall. I’m digging through inspiration of styled bookcases to ensure that I get it right. Want to start taking bets on how many times I’ll change it? I’m going with twice a week for two years.



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