Wedding Update

I have a lot of things I want to drape in fabric at our wedding venue. Like doorways and trees, and more doorways, and really tall trees *looks around awkwardly*. Anyway… I went to a bridal show the other day and told a man who said “I can drape anything” that I wanted to drape ivory linens from 50ft up in pine trees. He looked at me like and said, and I quote, “no one is going to do that for you”. Obviously I walked away ¬†immediately. Maybe 50ft was a little too ambitious, but what kind of vendor would say that?! I feel like a lot of people in the wedding industry just assume that they will have business because people need to have weddings, but they are taking advantage. I bet he could have draped 30 or 40ft up, and it would have been something awesome for his portfolio, but instead he decided to write me off and go on to the next bride. That next bride may do what he says instead of doing what she really wants. I hope in the future he takes on other projects that challenge him, and I sure am taking this as a lesson for my business. It’s my job to make dreams come true, not to try to stifle them. Never let a vendor tell you that what you want can’t happen. It might be a crazy request, but there’s always a compromise. Always.



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