What Is An Event Designer/Planner?

A common question that I get asked is “what does an event designer/coordinator/planner actually do”. Honestly it’s a tough question to answer because there are coordinators out there that just purely coordinate, and there are designers out there that just design, but the best of both worlds is when they do both. As an event designer and coordinator, I’m  responsible for the overall look and feel of the day whether it be a wedding, baby shower, engagement party, birthday party, etc. Here are the top ten most important items that event designers/coordinators will handle for you. If you haven’t planned a large scale event before, I think you’ll be surprised with all that goes into it!

1. Design: It can be daunting to think about exactly what you want your wedding to look like. Do you have a dream wedding in your head but no idea how to execute? That’s what an event designer is there for. Starting from an overall “feel” and moving into colors and patterns and textures, an event designer manages all of your vendors to make sure that they are working together to bring your dream to life.

2. Vendor Recommendations: Speaking of vendors, it can be tough to find the people who will be the best for your vision… and how do you know how to trust them? Working with an event designer/coordinator can help ensure that you get a reliable vendor whether it’s an officiant, DJ, photographer, or calligrapher. The perfect vendors can make or break the entire event!

3. Your Budget: This is the big one. How the heck do you go about managing a budget? All event coordinators will have a budget tracker that will be customized and easily updated as things come and go through the span of planning your event. They will include buffers when needed and make sure that you stay on track and don’t end up overwhelmed and over budget!

4. A Checklist: One of the most important parts of any event is having a running list of things that need to get done. It’s important that you are able to physically (or in my favorite tool excel) check things off of your list as you go. Also, it makes you feel accomplished when more and more of that spreadsheet turns gray!

5. A Timeline: No idea when things need to get done? That’s an easy fix that every event coordinator will be able to help you with. It’s one of the first tools you should be provided with and you should always keep it up to date with notes and pending items. It’s a life saver!


6. Your Rehearsal: An event designer/coordinator is the go to person during your wedding weekend. On the day before your wedding you can count on them to get everyone organized and ready for the big day. The coordinator will make sure that everyone is in the right place at the right time, the musician plays the right music at the right time, and everything runs smoothly.

7. Vendor Communication: Can’t imagine finding the time to call your rental company, invitation designer, photographer, DJ, or bakery during business hours? It can be a challenge to get everything done while you’re working all day. Being able to speak to your coordinator once and have them then take care of everything with your vendors is priceless.

8. RSVPs: If you want (and I strongly recommend you do), an event coordinator can manage your RSVPs for you. It’s overwhelming to first of all get that much mail, but to have the time to open and keep track and organize them all on your own. It’s a task that could easily be taken off of your plate and put onto a coordinators.

9. Day-of Schedules: Everyone needs to know where to be on the day of, right? An event coordinator will make sure that everyone  has a schedule in hand so that they are absolutely sure of where they need to be and when. After all, how else would your DJ  know when to play your entrance and cue the speeches.

10. Day-of Setup: Ever wondered who is going to light candles, setup cones filled with confetti on each seat, setup your escort card table, or setup your very well curated dessert table? An event designer, that’s who.


Exciting news to share about my own event design business; I finally decided on a web designer/developer so in four short weeks we’ll be movin’ on up! Yippee!



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